ASUS ExpertCenter E1 AiO (E1600)


ASUS ExpertCenter E1 Celeron 4GB 128GB All In One PC

Unwavering versatility. Always ready.

With its versatility and productivity, the ASUS ExpertCenter E1 Celeron All-in-One PC is your ideal business partner. Featuring a 15.6-inch multitouch panel, a quiet fanless design and convenient connectivity, ExpertCenter E1 AiO is ready for every need.

It also elevates expectations with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS)1 to safeguard your tasks and data making ExpertCenter E1 AiO as dependable as it is productive.

Integrated UPS

ExpertCenter E1 AiO’s built-in uninterruptable power supply (UPS) protects data from unexpected power interruptions providing precious time to ensure important information is saved.

Convenient connectivity

Business-grade connectivity ensures that ExpertCenter E1 All-in-One PC is primed and ready to deal with a diverse range of commercial devices, from point-of-sale (PoS) machines to barcode readers and more.

15.6” touch display

With ExpertCenter E1 AiO’s 15.6-inch, 10-point, capacitive touchscreen, you’ll enjoy fast, responsive and smooth interaction — and a screen that’s large enough to navigate with ease while being small enough to fit neatly on any counter.

Fanless design

ExpertCenter E1 AiO has been cleverly engineered to eliminate the need for a cooling fan, so it delivers whisper-quiet operation that’s great for the local environment and bolsters long-term durability.

Unwavering operation for business reliability

We know how important data is to your business. That’s why, unlike many competing AiO models, we’ve built ExpertCenter E1 AiO with an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) to protect your data and tasks when mishaps cause power outages.

This integrated UPS kicks in the instant that E1 AiO detects mains power is disconnected and displays a warning, providing up to 167 minutes of usable time to finish tasks and save your data followed by up to 352 minutes of data protection in hibernation mode. That’s peace of mind you simply won’t get with other AiOs.

Quieter, cleaner, and more cost-effective

ExpertCenter E1 AiO features a fanless design for silent operation with superb energy efficiency. Through its conductive-cooling system, E1 AiO eliminates fan noise and rapidly dissipates heat — making it a perfect fit for many specialist applications, such as healthcare, retail and more. This design also reduces dust circulation, assuring cost-efficiency and investment longevity.

Reliably versatile

ExpertCenter E1 AiO is designed to be versatile. Its 15.6-inch multitouch screen enables smooth, responsive interactive experiences, while its compact size means it’ll fit neatly on a retail counter or hospital check-in desk or even hung on a wall, courtesy of its standard VESA mount. In short, E1 AiO is ready to do business where you need, and how you need business done.

Connect your business

Great connectivity is vital in business settings. That’s why ExpertCenter E1 AiO comes with a rich selection of ports to fit diverse business scenarios. Whether you need serial ports, HDMI, USB ports, Ethernet or an SD card reader, or need to connect a barcode scanner, receipt printer or payment terminal, ExpertCenter E1 AiO is primed to oblige.

It also has an integrated Kensington lock slot to provide quick and simple physical security, wherever the application requires.

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