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Retailers Paint Points and Our Solutions If you own, operate or manage a retail store, you can identify with one or more of the below pain points and it’s time that you invest in a proper cloud-based Point Of Sale Solution. Let’s unpack some of the pain points and how we can provide the solutions you …

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Master The Art Of Boosting Holiday Sales With These 6 Tips

It’s that time of the year again, yes holidays are here. Sure it’s a little different because we’re still unsure, especially as business owners. Unsure as to whether to invest in this time or to go with the proverbial flow. So then, what are you doing? Taking advantage of the opportunity at hand, that’s what …

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Humble Till acquired by Fintech Surewipe.

South African Fintech company Sureswipe, acquires Humble Till. A move to enhance and grow the SMME sector, by providing a complete POS solution. Sureswipe has acquired a 50.1% majority stake in the Point of Sale software company Humble Till, a move which will enhance Sureswipe’s offering to small and medium-sized businesses using card payment solutions …

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