Retailers Paint Points and Our Solutions

If you own, operate or manage a retail store, you can identify with one or more of the below pain points and it’s time that you invest in a proper cloud-based Point Of Sale Solution.

Let’s unpack some of the pain points and how we can provide the solutions you need to address these.

Pain Points

  • Lack of mobility in a business that thrives on having your managers and employees on the sales floor at all times
  • No transparency of your inventory data, which often leads to selling items that were already out of stock, old or damaged
  • No automation of manual tasks, which takes your time away from sales, service, marketing and operations
  • Lack of payment options, potentially driving your existing and new customers out of the store,  when they are ready to make a purchase just moments before
  • No automation, having to apply a double-entry system, which leads to discrepancies in business accounts

Retailers actively implement POS systems into their locations as a primary means to ensure operations run as smoothly as possible, with very few hurdles. Additionally, having a quality Point of Sale system in place gives sales staff, cashiers, and managers the tools and functions necessary to provide the best shopping and service experience possible. Providing a seamless omni-channel offering is an essential distinction for retailers who wish to set themselves apart from their competitors.

Humble’s Solutions

  • Mobile Technology — Engage with your customers on the sales floor while using Windows/Android based tablets and other mobile devices. Providing a unique shopping experience for customers to return for more
  • Inventory Management — Keep a close eye on all your inventory counts, instantly order fresh stock from vendors, and transfer inventory between different locations with ease
  • Task Automation — Fully automate manual tasks such as daily reconciliation, register counts, stock take, alerts and staff management
  • Payment Options — Accept multiple forms of payments such as Cash, EFT, On Account, SnapScan, Card Payments, adding another differentiator and seamless customer experience
  • Intuitive Design — Train employees in no time flat, shorten queues by speeding up transactions, and never find yourself confused with how to use the system or perform a task on it
  • Omni-channel Sales with our eCommerce Integration — Allow customers to make purchases online and either pick up in-store or have it delivered to their door – A must have feature that shoppers’ love is convenience, so give it to them
  • Reporting — Get an overall view of your business performance with rich and real-time data such as; daily sales, order volume, transactions and what customers typically order day-to-day for market research, promoting or stopping
  • No more double-entry — Automate double-entry accounting by leaving it up to the POS to perform the task, reducing errors and miscalculations

A System That Is the Best for Retailers

The adoption of Humble Till into your retail store is definitely a sound decision. The features and functions will provide an immediate and noticeable improvement in business efficiency, staff productivity, customer satisfaction, and ultimately lead to boosted profits.