2021. We know what we need to do.

Years on a road

We did it, we made it through 2020 and we at humble would like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you, for the support you showed us and your perseverance in these challenging times.

The lessons we will bring into 2021, is to strive to improve and innovate on how you operate within your business. The tools we have and are developing enable you to offer your customer a better way to transact with you while increasing your business performance and profitability. 

These include the introduction of humble Loyalty, humble E-commerce, humble Pay and humble Analytics. All of which assist customers like yourself, to increase their brand presence, customer reach and to grow their businesses digitally.

As we face the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, we know that it is not going to be an easy task to accomplish the goals we set to eliminate the impact of the virus on our business performance. 


How are we tackling 2021

As a business we look to the past to learn for the future. The new normal brings opportunities for all, for us this means bridging the omni-channel gap. Customers want a seamless end-to-end experience both in-store, online and post-purchase.

humble is enabling you to give your customers what they want. 


Contactless payment methods – humble Pay offers integrated contactless debit and credit payments, with rates starting from 2.75% and reducing on a sliding scale as your turnover grows.


Online shopping and door-to-door delivery – humble E-commerce, is our all-one online store offering. Custom branded online shop front, order management and delivery plugin. Convenience at the palm of your hands, click, pay, collect and share.


Recognition, rewards and connection – humble Loyalty, takes your business to the next level, by becoming a part of the customer journey both pre and post purchase. Thank your customers for supporting your business, offer them incentives to come back and engage with you, recognise new customers and loyal ones too.

Let us work with you to digitise your business and to ensure your success in 2021.

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